About me…

Welcome to Wheelie Good Life

I'm Jennie Berry, a 29-year-old disabled content creator and wheelchair user. I share my everyday experiences as an opportunity to educate others about living with a disability.

My work

I'm also the Head of Community at Sociability, an app that helps disabled people find accessible places. I split my time between the North East and London, collaborating with brands like Tesco, Visit England, LNER, Facebook, BBC, and many others to build and support understanding of disabilities while empowering others within the community.

Understanding a different way of life

In 2018, after my accident, I entered the world of disability and was shocked by how inaccessible society can be. This led me to start documenting my life as a wheelchair user on Instagram, building a platform to highlight the issues surrounding disability in my hometown and beyond.

A spirit for adventure

Through Wheelie Good Life, I share my honest and eye-opening experiences, from day-to-day life to travel and everything in between. I want to inspire others to embrace their own unique journey and to encourage conversation around disability. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Jennie x